How to choose the right color of your APEX Application

Choosing the colors of your application has never been easy but there is always the need to create a quite moving user experience and this requires well-adjusted ergonomics. The user will feel comfortable in an application that will not dissociate the operational side from the aesthetic side.

Oracle APEX is by default beautiful and likes what is beautiful and wants your love of the beautiful to be universal;

This is why it provides you with all the tools to produce good and beautiful.

In the world of painting there are two categories, the warm colors which range from purple and red to yellow and the so-called cold colors which range from green to blue.

Warm and cool colorsEach color has a sensory meaning and a classification which must be considered according to its audience:

  • Red: evokes passion and courage. Ideal for industrial applications.
  • Blue: It evokes security, calm and a sense of responsibility. It is ideal for the fields of health or financial applications.
  • Yellow: evokes clarity and energy, is used to highlight. ideal for consultancy or creativity applications.
  • Green: it is the color of nature, life and peace. it evokes growth and stability. Ideal for energy and technology.
  • White, black and shades of gray will complement these colors

You will meet people who, even without concept of design can create a breathtaking color mixture and others it is impossible or due to chance. But no worries, the experts worked on a concept / tool to give everyone the same weapons to succeed.

It is, the color wheel which is a color palette which allows to combine colors to obtain a beautiful harmony of colors and high contrasts.

Palette de couleurs

With these tools you can create different combinations according to these shemes

  • Monochromatic color scheme: it is the set of shades of the same color, in other words the same row
#4e0181 #6202a1 #8d40c0 #a768d1 #c495e0 #e0c8ef
  • Complementary color scheme: it is a pair of colors which are opposite on the color wheel, the colors highlight each other
#3a848f #8f453a
  • Analogous color scheme: these are the colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel
#3a9352 #317f9d #256597
  • Triadic color scheme: these are the three colors equally spaced on the color wheel. the three angles of an equilateral triangle
#3a848f #8f3a84 #848f3a
  • Square color scheme: these are the four colors equally spaced on the color wheel. a square.
#FA113A #05FA32 #FBBC05 #1E45FA

Tip : Here is the very helpful link to get your combinations :

Illustrations : A picture is worth a thousand words

Author : Souleman DEMBELE